If you are looking for a new challenge and to break away from tradition, perhaps Brazil is the agency for you.

Here's 20 reasons to consider.

1. Reputation.

16 years working with a wide variety of established and new brands across most business sectors.  We started with the world-famous 118 118 campaign and applied our Creative Pragmatism approach to build some of the biggest brands in the world.

2. Diversity of clients.

Everyone at Brazil has the opportunity to work across a wide number of sectors.

3. Results-driven work.

Our success is measured by sales and other tangible business objectives.

4. Innovation.

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify solutions to problems and act quickly.  As such, we have numerous “industry firsts.”

5. Beyond communications.

We consult our clients across their entire business, and often develop new lines of revenue, integrated solutions and total business transformation.

6. No bureaucracy.

We have worked hard to create a working environment without bureaucracy and politics.

7. Empowerment.

Everyone at Brazil is empowered to introduce change and make a difference.

8. Fast tracked staff.

Career progression is recognised throughout the year, not just during annual reviews.

9. Autonomy.

We actively encourage people to develop their own client base or lead on a sector.

10. Never boring.

All of our clients are fast paced, forward-thinking and challenging.

11. Not a sweat shop.

We respect the work/life balance, and are not micro-managers.

12. Financial stability.

In 15 years we’ve never had an unprofitable month.

13. Independently owned.

We can pick and choose the clients and projects we take on, and consider work regardless of budget.

14. No silos.

One team helping and collaborating together.

15. Transparent management.

Everyone benefits from understanding the performance, issues and success of the business.

16. Location.

Soho is by far the best place to work in London.

17. Entrepreneurship.

We actively encourage and reward entrepreneurship.

18.  CEO access.

There are no closed doors at Brazil, so you are nurtured from the top.

19. International work.

We have offices and affiliates in the USA and Brazil, and there are many opportunities to work on international campaigns with our overseas colleagues.

20. Partnerships.

Our partnerships with market leading digital, design, creative and advertising agencies gives us a wider perspective and how we can best service our clients.

So if you’re looking for a new challenge and fed up with working to templates and the status quo, then contact us.