Our Work


A new high-roller

‘A new folding bike’ you say? ‘But they’ll never compete with Brompton’.

Precisely the challenge posed to us by Hummingbird, the world’s lightest folding bike. Engineered by technology giant Prodrive (which also makes parts of racing cars and spacecraft), it features a beautiful frame made from ultra-strong, ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre and high-end components that bring the total weight in at less than 7kg. That’s around half the average Brompton.

Leading the pack

So how did we compete with Brompton? Answer: we didn’t. We positioned Hummingbird as a luxury entrant to the market, employing a tactical approach to our outreach and targeting a wealthy niche of the urban cycling sector. We pitched it to high-end lifestyle and premium titles, offering exclusive factory tours, review opportunities and interviews with the designer.

By securing detailed feature coverage in premium publications (such as Stoke Park, Goodwood, Luxurious Mag & Oracle of Time), business-focused press (like Monocle Radio, Spears & Director) and tech publications (including Wired, T3 & Stuff), we smashed the target of selling 100 bikes in a year, shifting 75 in the first three months.