Our Work


An industry first

Across the insurance industry, companies are looking for new ways to reduce the cost of premiums – which is why you’ll spot companies launching telematics, offering multi-car discounts and even selling pay-as-you go policies.

We knew that if we could create an innovative way to cut premiums for swiftcover.com motorists, it would have a huge effect on the industry, attracting new customers and changing the way people saw the company.

So, we proposed an industry first to swiftcover.com: we suggested that they take advantage of dashcams (small, forward-facing cameras which fix to the windscreen and film the driver’s view) in order to save their policy holders money.

First to market

No other major insurer had ever done anything like this, making it a perfect innovation for a challenger brand like swiftcover.com. We worked with the product team to bring it to market, and swiftcover.com was able to offer a ten per cent discount to anyone with a dashcam. In addition, dashcams speed up the claims process and help motorists to protect their no claims discount – they can even protect your excess, if you use them to show that you weren’t at fault in a claim.

We set out a carefully-planned media strategy, meeting key journalists across motoring and personal finance to explain the concept before launch.

The results? Loads of coverage. More importantly, the product has been a huge success, with new discount sales already exceeding expectations. We’ve even heard from dashcam manufacturers, thanking us for bringing attention to the industry.

Better still, this is just the beginning. We have big plans for the next phase of the campaign.