Our Work


Creating cut-through

The danger posed by of drunk drivers is well documented, so we had to look for a new angle. Brazil investigated the effect that drunk passengers have on sober drivers. We knew the story could generate news, and get people talking on social media.

We timed the story to coincide with the festive season, when many designated drivers will be ferrying drunken passengers back from Christmas and New Year’s parties.¬†As well as conducting research, we interviewed taxi drivers from across the country, asking for their advice and guidance to motorists on how to deal with drunk passengers.

The outcome

In just one week, Brazil generated more than 350 pieces of coverage. These included 12 online nationals and major online news channels, including The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Star, MSN, Yahoo! and AOL. The online articles provoked hundreds of comments and responses.

The story was tweeted in excess of 500 times, reaching more than 25,000 users. Last but not least, it was picked up in print by five national newspapers, including the Metro, The Sun and the Daily Telegraph, reaching an even larger audience.