Our Work

The Scarlets

Cruising through a crisis

Faced with the prospect of losing key players and a backlash from fans, we helped professional rugby outfit The Scarlets with communications strategies and crisis management in the club’s fight to gain more funding from the WRU.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

We wanted to be seen as the “Good Guys”, championing regional rugby and fighting for the retention of Wales’ top stars.

Our approach was to have an honest and transparent dialogue with rugby fans – and we did this through the club’s management team.

We wanted to air the hardships around managing a rugby team in order to engage and create empathy with the issues within the Welsh game. This open conversation demonstrated the accessibility of the club and brought the fans closer to the team.

The result

The Scarlets: a four-episode series that aired on BBC One followed the region through this turbulent time. From press speculation about star players leaving to dealing with a financial crisis, the documentary went behind-the-scenes at the Welsh club, speaking to key individuals and reflecting on the often precarious existence of a professional team.